We are a welcoming, diverse, engaging, and pluralistic learning community, bringing exciting and relevant Jewish educational content via online platforms and formats.

Our Learning Community includes those of us who do not fit into “standard” and customary categories of how to be, and do, Jewish.

We are for those who:

  • learn for the joy of learning, or
  • have a larger goal of service to others, or
  • are simply curious, or
  • seek to expand a base of knowledge, or
  • need classes more challenging than a beginners level, or
  • want to dive deeper into even more advanced levels


We empower Jewish adults who feel alienated, sidelined, or who otherwise face various issues which prevent access to educational opportunities for further exploration and experience of emergent, liberatory Judaism.

We are for those who face limitations or discrimination due to issues of health, sex, gender issues, age, embracing Judaism by choice, interfaith, family/work responsibilities, financial or class status, or other artificial challenges which have blocked or limited our access into larger, accredited, more expensive educational institutions of learning.


Together, let’s explore various options for your personal, unique Jewish-based toolbox for spiritual growth and leadership.

Our online offerings provide a complex modern array of curriculum and discovery-based learning opportunities in which to explore various topics focused around living a deeply textured value-centric Jewish life.

Holy Sparks! transcends the limits of customary institution-style education.

Martin Buber wrote, “When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, G!d is the electricity that surges between them.”

As a liberal, progressive, welcoming, diverse, engaging, and pluralistic learning community, we gather to spark the discussions that will ripple out and make a difference in our lives, and in the world!